Your Wedding Details Checklist

Updated: May 2, 2020

Wedding details are a key component in your wedding photos. And I would bet money that you put a lot of thought into selecting all those details. Down to the jewelry, flowers, shoes, and other small meaningful details. On the day of your wedding you want to make sure to have all of these things set aside prior to your wedding photographer getting there so that they can capture them in the most beautiful way possible. This will make everything easier for all parties involved.

Here's a list of details to consider:

  1. Bridal Gown

  2. Veil

  3. Shoes

  4. Garter

  5. Jewelry

  6. Perfume

  7. All 3 Rings

  8. Invitation Suite (it's good if you send these to your photographer beforehand so they already have them and it's one less than for you to worry about)

  9. *1 Addressed Envelope* If you had calligraphy or any special lettering done on your invitations, have an extra copy made for your photographer, you can use a fake address or even the address of your venue for privacy.

  10. Bouquets

  11. Boutonnieres

  12. *Heirloom Items* This is great if you have any special heirloom item like your grandmother’s wedding ring or a special handkerchief that are a part of your wedding details

  13. *Custom Hanger* This is for your bridal gown images, you can purchase custom hangers from Etsy with your new last name or you can just get a typical bride hanger from your local bridal store.

Extra Styling Items

Want to have those magazine ready images with your details, speak with your photographer about purchasing some of these great pieces to add a luxury look to your images.

  • ribbon

  • wax stamps

  • trays

  • flowers and greenery

  • fabric

  • patterned paper

  • MRS ring box, see example here