The Easiest Way to Organize Your Photos

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

How many times have you struggled to find a random photo but you just find yourself scrolling endlessly to find it? I know I have but guess what you can avoid all that annoying scrolling and get some systems in place where you can find those photos with ease.

So first of all let's talk about WHERE to put your photos. You want to make sure that you aren't just using your phone or your computer to store your photos because anything can go wrong and nobody wants to loose precious photos FOREVER 0.0.

Here's some options of where to store your photos.

1. External Hard Drive - this is a electronic storage hub that comes in a variety of sizes that you can save any file to them. It's basically like your computer on wheels.

2. Google Drive - cloud option that's FREE depending on the amount of space needed but you can upgrade the storage for a fee.

3. Dropbox - same as the Google Drive option, it's another cloud option that is FREE 99 depending on the amount of space but I would recommend these options because you don't have to keep up with anything and you can access it on any computer.

Now let's learn how to ORGANIZE the photos:

1. Start by placing all similar photos in the same FOLDER

  • For example - If you have photos that you took at a certain event or maybe a vacation you should put all those photos in a folder together

2. NAME your folders and be very specific

  • Ex. - Maui Vacay 2019 or Baby Luke 8 months. You want to see the name of the folder and know exactly what photos will be there.

3. Create common CATEGORIES to place your photos in

  • Ex. - Travel, Photos of the Kids, Photos from my phone, etc

4. Place all of this in the YEAR that it belongs in - this way you can have all your photos organized into the year that they were taken in.

Here's a full example of what it would look like:

> 2019

> Travel

> Maui Vacay 2019

> Kids

> Luke at the lake 8 months

Hope you guys enjoyed learning about how I organize my photos. I hope this can help you!