How to Prepare Your Guy or Gal for Photos

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

There's nothing worse than booking a photo session, having your significant other straight face it through the whole thing and then once you get the pictures you're annoyed because they look disinterested in every photo. As a photographer we can only do so much so to save yourself the stress and annoyance here's some tips to prep them so we get those beautiful smiles and emotions that we want in our final images.

1. Show him/her some inspo photos - Showing photos and providing a visual for what the expectations of the session are. This way you are showing them how you want to them to do and they are able to mimic what was shown.

2. Tell them to focus on you - When taking photos be sure to remind them that the only person that they should be concerned about is you - Focus on you and no one else. If done correctly you will enjoy the moment authentically and will be able to put on your "blockers" for the onlookers or me for that matter.

3. Make them feel comfortable - Do what's needed to get them loosened up at this time I'm sure we all know the trick. When I asked my husband what he did to prepare his first response was "take a shot" so if you are into that please do so. It's helps loosen you up and makes you less stiff in person and on camera.

4. Ask for his/her input - So whoever is the planner in the relationship will have the tendency to just take control and plan out their version of the perfect wedding day and photos. But guess what you completely exclude your counterpart in doing so. So when it comes to photos make sure you ask what types of photos they want as well so everyone will be happy and included in the process.


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