How to keep your photo session under an hour

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

1. Plan! Plan! Plan!

Before you even book your session you want to make sure that you are thorough with what exactly you want your photos to look like. You need to know what you want to use the photos for and how to you plan to get your message across to your audience. 

2. Be Early to your appointment

Punctuality is key, especially if you are trying to get your session done within the hour. Something I have started to do is use my Waze app to predict when I should leave to arrive 15 mins early to my appointments.

3. Pick a location that offers variety

When selecting a location, make sure it offers variety. Unless you are going for a consistent backdrop in a studio setting you want to make sure that the location you are having your session at provides variety so you can stay in one place and just move around slightly to get completely different looks. 

4. Brainstorm 5-10 things that you can reenact

Natural, candid photos are in my opinion make the best photos. Therefore in order to get them before your session you should create a list of actions that you can act out so your photographer can capture them in a beautiful way. Then your photos are more than you just looking pretty in front of the camera. So for example if you are a blogger, think of 5-10 actions that you can do that can match your upcoming blog post; or if you are doing a family session,think of things that your family does on an average day like cooking, playing outside, etc.  

5. Loosen Up  Having your photos taken by a professional is supposed to be fun so make sure you act as such. Then if you are an entrepreneur, remember that people do business with people that they know and that they are comfortable with. So when you are going from pose to pose in your photography session remember to have fun and SHOW YOUR PERSONALITY!! Think of your photographer as your bestie who is great at catching all your best angles.