5 Ways to Prepare for Your Family Session

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

If you are like me, you've been capturing your kids' biggest moments since the day they were born. When booking a family portrait session you will not only capture your beautiful family, but you will be able to showcase them with quality professional photos.

But before any of this can happen you have to be sure that you are prepared for your session. Your preparation is equally as important as your photographers. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

  1. Coordinate, DON'T match - Matching outfits are super corny unless it's for a cute matching pajama Christmas photo (because I'm totally planning one lol). But seriously it's best to have coordinating outfits. To do so start with a neutral color, (black, white, gray, brown and even sometimes olive or navy) as the foundation of your outfit; and then pick 1-2 brighter colors to add around it. This way you have similar outfits with the same colors but everybody can be themselves and show their own personal style.

  2. Be purposeful in your session - I'm sure you contacted me for family photos for a reason so make sure to know upfront what you are trying to get out of your photos. Are you celebrating a special milestone or highlighting a special person or family member that's in town? It is important when booking a family session to have a reason so when it's time for you to sit with your photographer you can provide him/her with some direction to the session or else you are just taking pictures to take pictures.

  3. Communicate with your photographer - Once you know the purpose of your session it's important to have a conversation with your photographer so they know what to focus on within your session. Let them know the special fine details that you want to capture. These should be things that you want to think about or remember forever. Think of the things your family does on a daily basis and tell your photographer so they ensure your photos will be natural and personable.

  4. Be sure kids are rested and fed - There's nothing like a sleepy and/or angry child and I promise you there's no amount of Snickers in the world that will fix it. If you come to a session with a uneasy baby I'm sorry to break it to you but I can't get those happy giggly faces that we all want to see when we get our family photos back. Instead you are going to get the attitude and irritability of your poor hungry and sleep baby. So make sure they are well rested.

  5. For younger babies take a toy or have a phone near to play their favorite songs - I won't go too deep into the science that explains why our babies have such short attention spans but it's proven that its pretty short. Therefore, it's important that if you do have young children that you bring a their favorite toy or have a song in mind that you know would get your child camera ready and ready to smile.


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