5 Apps to Edit and Post Your Photos

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Your Phone's Camera App

You would be surprised that you actually don't even need an additional app to edit your photos you can do a lot of editing right on the apps that are already on your phone. Just click edit on your pictures and have a go. You can usually revert it back to its original version if you don't like your edit.


Lightroom is bae. This is how I edit my images during post-production. I love it because I can also edit on the go when I am out and about.


I love canva. I use this app to do fun things with my images like make IG story templates or graphics that I can use on my feed. If you want to put some form of text on your photos this is the app for you and you can do pretty much everything you need on the free version.


Smarthash is my go-to platform to find and organize all of my hashtags. I won't go into a full explanation of what a hashtag is because that could be a whole blog post by itself. In short, hashtags are a way to target people based on common interest on Instagram.


Planoly has been key in helping me keep my sanity when it comes to managing my social media accounts. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. In order to be consistent in your social media marketing tools like planoly are essential. With this app you can plan your feed, write out the captions, and schedule your post.