Here's my story...


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Hey, I'm Jasmine! I'm a true Georgia Peach, born and raised. By day I'm a 7th-grade life science teacher and a photographer once the school day is over - even though most people immediately say a small prayer when they learn I'm a middle school teacher, I love my puberty-driven kiddos! 

When I'm not being Mrs. Smith in the classroom or shooting the photographs of your dreams I'm a wife to my amazing husband Dom and Mommy to my super active baby boy Luke. I’m pretty much a superhero.

I can personally relate to all of my clients in sooo many ways - I have the first-hand experience in how it feels to plan a wedding and have no idea what to do or who to ask for help. I know how it feels to see your child grow up before your eyes, and look back and realize “OH CRAP! I have no photos of them from this age to that age!” and I really, really (like, REALLY) understand being overwhelmed and stressed about running a business! But thankfully all of MY stressful experiences allow me to help YOU, and as part of the JSP family, you can rest assured that…



Random Facts 

- I could easily bust out in full Beyonce choreography 

- I love to travel and learn about new corners of the world

- I'm a lover of red wine

- I love doing random arts and crafts

- I watch Netflix waaayyy more than I watch real TV

- I don't like chocolate (But I promise you’ll love me anyway

I gotchu!

Atlanta, GA