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Jasmine, owner, photographer

Hey I'm Jasmine 

I'm a Georgia girl, born and raised! I'm chill, goofy, and super organized and I’m the girl that will keep EVERYTHING in check on the day of your shoot with me. I have been in your shoes before as a bride, an entrepreneur and a mother, so I believe me, I understand the magnitude of finding your perfect photographer. With my professionalism, customer service and bright and fun imagery you can be at ease knowing that I got you!

I'm here for the long run...

...Which means after you book me I'm not just going to fall off the face of the earth until your wedding day! I will be the person you can trust to:

  • help you organize your timeline

  • provide you with resources and advice throughout your wedding process


And after the wedding I'm still here for ALL of life's other major moments like:

  • expanding your family

  • climbing up the corporate ladder

  • building a legacy for your family

  • ...and every other unexpected adventure!

make sense?



"Jasmine was focused on not only the photography, but also on me. It was great having her in the bridal suite with me and the bridal party... We had no worries at all."


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